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Social media addiction is a recently discovered form of addiction that is impacting a major part of our population, primarily the youth.

Nowadays, internet is a fundamental need for everyone just like food, water and oxygen. Internet has introduced us to its various great applications, especially in the communication sector. Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc. are one of the best examples of how the internet has revolutionized society.

What led to development of Social Media?

The main reason for the development of social media platforms was to help people connect with the world. As the world needed a faster mode of communication, social media was a boon for us.

But as to every advantage, there is a corresponding disadvantage and vice versa. Social media has also various disadvantages. The problem is that using anything in a disproportionate manner leads to serious damage.

Impact of Social Media on the society

Many research and studies across the world have pointed out the damage that social media platforms are doing not only on an individual level but also at the community level. Social media has been found responsible for many crimes including mob lynchings, riots, child pornography, cyber bullying, etc.

Social Media Addiction

As we know that water is important for humans, but the over-drinking of water is also known to cause certain medical problems. Similarly, many people don’t use social media in an appropriate manner or are overusing it. This overuse of social media is causing various problems and the primary of them is Social Media Addiction.

About Social Media Being

Social Media Being is a recently established organisation that is devoted to helping people know about the negative impacts on our mental health and society. This blog also provides help related to social media addiction, which is a major problem encountered. by millions of people across the world.

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